Touchless/Contactless Scanning

Touchless/Contactless Scanning

Introducing the BCR-Tek 7705 Touchless/Contactless and Wireless Bluetooth Scanner!

A high-performance touchless/contactless 2D bluetooth and wireless 2.4G barcode scanner with leading CMOS image recognition technology. It can easily read the paper, cards, screen and other media barcodes. Will work/scan right from a cell phone!

This is an ideal solution for meal tracking/counting. Instead of using a tally sheet, just point and click! Scanner comes with its own rechargeable cradle to create a touchless setting for scanning.

Let us help you keep track of your students and meal counts!

This scanner will work up to 350 feet from terminal, so can be used at curbside, or even on bus! Will store up to 10,000 barcodes and easily can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for easy reporting!

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