Bluetooth Wireless Scanner Tek-7705

Bluetooth Wireless Scanner


It can easily read the paper, cards, screen and other media barcodes. Will work/scan right from a cell phone! Can store up to 10,000 barcodes when WiFi is down. A high-performance touchless/contactless 2D bluetooth and wireless 2.4G barcode scanner with leading CMOS image recognition technology.  Working distance as far as 300 Feet!


  • Ergonomic design, comfortable
  • USB, Bluetooth 4.2, Wireless 2.4G
  • 20h working time
  • Bluetooth, long distance 300 ft
  • Scan from mobile phone and PC


Storage 16Mb(over 100,000 Product code)
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Battery charging time About 7 hours
Continuous working time ≥20hours

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