For almost three decades, Tek Visions has provided the most reliable touchscreen computers to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including school cafeterias and casinos. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing the highest quality products, forward-thinking support services, and responsive customer service.  Here are some things they had to say.

Jason H. - Panama Buena Vista USD

“We switched to the TekVisions Android Lightning because we had ransomware issues with our previous windows terminals, which shut us down. It works wonderful with our Titan software, and we no longer worry about malware or viruses. We have been very happy with our TekVisions hardware and support."

Amy Haessly, RD -Director, Child Nutrition Services - Fallbrook Union Elementary School District

"Thank you so much for delivering the key-pad for me to test out! Your support has been tremendously helpful! I love to say that the Armour Scan we tested worked great! It was easy to just plug right into my device and it started working. The keys are easy to press, the screen easy to read. The scanner worked great with our barcodes. We tested with a roster of barcodes and was able to just scroll right down and input all the students. We tested it with Meals Plus. It is durable and easy to wipe clean."

Angela- Marana USD

"The Armour Pad works great with our Titan nutritional software!" Thank you TekVisions for your product, help and support. I think you all are a great company! You have always treated us fair and have been very kind to us."

Michelle- South Pasadena USD

"The new Armour Pad from TekVisions is really durable! The kids love to use it, and we love the 3 year "No-Fault" Warranty! Thank you TekVisions!

Nancy H. - DIRECTOR, CHILD NUTRITION - Westside Union School District

“The students love the TekVisions pin pad because the scanner makes it faster and safer not to have to touch the pin pad. I like the bright color to make it easily to find on the service line."

Bette- Mesquite ISD

“Thank you so much for the tablets and the carts. We are very appreciative of the support of the Fuel Up to Play Program. With the carts and tablets we have an opportunity to expand our service areas to the students beyond the cafeteria. I appreciate the warranty information. Thank you again!”

Karen J. McGahey M.S., SNS- Johnson City School Food Service Director- Johnson City, TN

Thank you for your work and help to get our 12" tablets to us. Our schools love them and the scanning ability--and we all wonder why we did not go this route sooner!

Cheyenne Mattox-Arab Schools Child Nutrition Director-Arab, AL

Our primary school was very excited to receive a new pin pad/ scanner duo. One of the changes we have had to make due to COVID was asking each student their pin number instead of them being able to enter it themselves. Our Titan POS software has the capability of printing and scanning barcodes, but we did not have a barcode scanner. Now that we do, our breakfast service is able to move much faster because each student now has a barcode on their backpack that is able to be scanned and they go through the line. We love this product and hope to have them in all of our schools soon! 

John Distefano-Casino Supplies and Services, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada

After a long search for a partner who properly understood our customer’s needs, we started using TekVisions in 2016. In that time, we have placed thousands of units at over 60 casinos across North America. TekVisions has proven to be an exceptional business partner, providing highly reliable hardware coupled with excellent fulfillment and support services! I would highly recommend TekVisions hardware and support!

Salvatore Capasso III Programmer/Analyst Citrus County Schools

Thank you for all your help! Working in IT for over 20 years, I understand better than most that sometimes tech just breaks.  TekVisions has been great working with the support team, when it does happen, they get these issues resolved in a timely fashion!  I appreciate that! Thank you!

Megan Ahrenholz, RD School Nutrition Director Silver Lake Regional School District

" The Armour PIN pad from TekVisions works great at our school. When kids use their cards with the scanning feature it really speeds up the line. Even our youngest customers can easily punch in their ID numbers using the big kid-friendly buttons."

Shane Bosaw, Director of Food Services and Wellness at Morganfield Elementary School

" The Armour Scan Pin-Pad keeps our serving lines running smoothly at Morganfield Elementary School UCSD in Morganfield, Kentucky." "Thank you TekVisions!"

Danielle Sanchez, Child Nutrition Manager for J. D. Caffey Jr. High Alvin, TX

" The ArmourScan Pin-Pad was very easy to set up and worked with our Primero Edge program with no issues."

Kahakai Elementary School in Hawaii

"Thank you for the way you quickly process and ship all of our orders! We are very happy with the service we get from Denise, Wendy, and the people at TekVisions!"