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  • The AC-SLIM is designed to charge and store 1-36 Chromebooks, tablets, and laptops. Adjustable device divider bays allow fitment of any width device in 1/2” increments. Please review this manual before installing your equipment to learn how to safely use your cart.


  • Versatile: Fits Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets or Laptops up to 17"
  • Configurable: Charge up to 36 Devices
  • Durable: All Metal Construction with Nesting Doors & Heavy Duty Hinges
  • Secure: 3-point Locking Doors plus Padlock Flange for Increased Security
  • Functional: Built-in cycle mode timer with 12’ Replaceable power cord
  • Efficient: Removable Power Adapter Trays for 3x Faster Setup
  • Nimble: Stable, quiet & easy to maneuver
  • Reliable: Lifetime frame warranty


AC input: 120V AC 60 Hz

Max amps: 15A

Max wattage: 1875W


Configuration Made Easy!

Deploy 36 devices in 45 minutes!

1) Open Doors
2) Remove AC Adapter Baskets
3) Load AC Adapters Into Baskets
4) Replace AC Adapter Baskets
5) Run Device Cords Through Back Wall
6) Plug in AC Adapters
7) Feed Device Cords Through Integrated Cable Management Tabs Inside Cart
8) Load Devices and Attach Power Cords





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