With over a decade of hands-on experience with gaming industry hardware and software from leading manufacturers TekVisions understands the many gaming intricacies of the complex gaming ecosystem. Further, TekVisions leverages its relationships within the industry to help ensure end to end success from IP enabled gaming devices to business intelligence.

With a business philosophy based on traditional values and ethics, TekVisions has successfully developed a highly loyal vertical base.  We promote I.T. solutions with tangible benefits and educate our clients throughout the process, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their infrastructure.  The net result is ongoing business relationships based on mutual trust and respect which leads to long term, repeat business.

With TekVisions Information Solutions, our Gaming Clientele no longer have to gamble with the most important aspects of their I.T. infrastructure decisions.  Our specialized services and tailored expert solutions are proven to work, and place our customers on the road to success.

  Name Description Category
  • 10" gaming tablet
Mobile Devices
Table Mount
  • Heavy duty swing arm
  • Versatility
  • Arm mounts underneath the table
  • Up to 25 lbs
Stands, Wall Mounts, Arms
12.1" TEK-786
  • 12.1" widescreen display
  • Touchscreen: 5-wire resistive
  • Stainless steel for rugged and harsh environments. 
  • IP 65 rated, making it impervious to liquids spills and an ideal PanelPC for Kiosks and Gaming deployments.
Panel PCs