908 Pinpad


Key Features: 

  • 12-keys (sealed membrane)
  • 2x16 super-twist backlit LCD display (sealed)
  • Fully programmable serial settings and key table
  • Detachable cables for serial (RS232) and USB applications (included)
  • RS232C compliant (full-duplex), supports a wide variety of baud rates and word formats
  • USB Virtual Serial and USB HID keyboard functionality
  • Internal (programmable) buzzer/alarm, audible key beeper, and 2 LEDs
  • Multiple options: Infrared barcode scanner, Slotted barcode swipe reader, Magnetic card swipe reader, RFID Card/Label reader, Fingerprint ID reader



Life Cycles
2 x 10^7
Key Type
Tactile Sealed Membrane (20,000,000+ Operations
Operating Force
0.686N {79gf}
Two Tone, Light and Dark Grey
Number of Keys
Barcode Scanner
Two Tone, Light and Dark Grey
Power Supply
5v DC, < 30ma RS232 Adapter Supplied, USB Bus Powered
Key Roll-Over
FLASH Non-Volatile, > 100 Year Retention
LCD Type
2x16 Super-Twist “STN”
LCD Backlight
18.42cm x 10.47cm x 4.28cm
Operating Temperature
0 to 70 Degrees C (32 to 158 Degrees F)
Operating Humidity
0% to 98% Non-Condensing
FCC Rating
Class B Device
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